11 Experiments That Failed (2011)
11 Experiments That Failed (2011)
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0375847626 (ISBN13: 9780375847622)
Schwartz & Wade
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Plot: A scientist (little girl) has questions/hypothesizes that she wants to find the answers to. She uses the scientific process to help answer her questions. For example, 'Can a message be sent in a bottle to a faraway land?' which seems pretty simple but then the little girl conducts the experiment in the bathroom! Setting: This story takes place in the little girl's home.Characters: Little girl and her familyPoint of View: The questions are asked in 3rd person but then the results are answered in 1st person. Style: The words are used to explain the experiment and the results but the pictures really tell the story. The media is drawn illustrations but also real pictures integrated. My reaction: Great book for teaching the scientific process! The book is cute but didn't love it. I think it shows that you can teach kids that anything can be an experiment and walk them through the process. I came across this hilarious story while volunteering for my children's school Book Fair. It was so cute that I just had to read it out loud to the students who came in to browse the book shop. At the end of the day I literally read it at least 20 times and I still couldn't resist purchasing the book for myself to bring home. I even bought a copy for the library teacher as a gift. She loved it too!
Loved it! I could read this one over and over and get never get tired of it.
Would be a fun way to introduce scientific procedure to a science class!
not use for experiments, but as a craft guide "experiment" for SRP 2014
Introduces: hypothesis, what you do, what happened for each experiment.
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