12 Rounds (2012)
12 Rounds (2012)
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S.B. Addison Books
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As an Irish person this whole book just pissed me off. All the 'Irish' in this are the stereotypes the rest of the world think we are and it's really irritating especially when things from your own language are spelt wrong. I really tried to like this but I felt there was too many plot wholes and the whole thing just pissed me off UGH. Whoever was paid to edit this needs to check themselves. Also - note, I've never met anyone in my LIFE, not even my old fashioned Grandparents who have lived in this country for over 70 years, that has said 'boy-o'. What a joke. I really did enjoy this book. For me I rated it lower because of 2 things: first, it wasn't until about 35% of the book in that the main characters finally started making a connection. I started thinking to myself that they are never going to make it until the end of the book. Then I was a little disappointed that they just kind of all of a sudden had been dating for a month. The beginning was a slow go and the author almost provided too much background information, and skipped out on some great potential scenes. The second thing that bothers me is a I picked this series because I saw that the book was released almost a year ago so I thought the next one was out based on blogs I had read. I guess I completely misunderstood because when I went to look for the next in the series it is not out. I dug a little deeper and found that there have been a few release dates. I'm questioning why, and does not give me a good impression of the author. Other than those two things, I did enjoy the book. I thought it was well written and there were only a couple of grammatical errors that could easily be overlooked. I will be waiting for book 2.
Tienes muchas cosas prometedoras si la autora las sabe desarrollar, pero aun asi es raro
Patiently waiting for the next book
i need the second one. like now!
I freaking hate cliffhangers.
4.5 stars
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