1984 (1949)
1984 (1949)
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COMPLETION DATE: 12-JUL-13TITLE: Nineteen Eighty-FourAUTHOR: George OrwellPUBLICATION YEAR: 1949SERIES: NonePAGE COUNT: 311 (not including the appendix)GENRE: Science FictionFORMAT: Novel in three partsRATING: +10.0FIRST TIME READ: YesPLOT SUMMARY: In a dystopian future where the world is run by three superpowers (Oceania, which comprises the British Isles, South Africa, Australia and the Americas; Eurasia, which comprises the Mediterranean, Europe and Russia; and Eastasia, which comprises China, Japan and Southeast Asia), one man, Winston Smith, decides that he hates the ruling Party of Oceania despite their mind-controlling principle of “doublethink”, which is intended to eradicate rebellion, even in thought.NOTES: The book can be dry at times, but it is difficult to stop reading once through the first part.BEST QUOTE: “He fell asleep murmuring ‘Sanity is not statistical,’ with the feeling that this remark contained in it a profound wisdom.”THEMES: Conspiracy, Mind Control, Individuality, Politics, Propaganda, Rebellion, Social Hierarchy 1984 by George Orwell deals with a futuristic world where thoughts are prohibited. The Party does not want people to think freely so they illegalize individualism, sex and free thought. Orwell shows us a world without these things so we can understand the true meaning of individualism and without it we would live in a world of sorrow.Winston Smith works for the Ministry of Truth in the Records Department. His job is to rewrite and destroy history. He starts to write a diary so that he can escape the Big Brother, a figure that is always watching. Winston then starts to have sexual relations with a co worker. They start becoming more and more angry with the party when he receives a message that O’Brien wants to see him. While Winston and Julia are at O’Briens he questions them and wonders if they what it takes to be in the Brotherhood, a group working against the party. Later on Winston receives a book written by Emmanuel Goldstein. Then the party takes Winston and Julia for the crimes that have committed. Winston is tortured until he is convinced to love Big Brother. 1984 meets the criteria of a dystopia in many ways. First independent thought and freedom is definitely restricted. Big Brother is a figure that is worshiped by the citizens of the society. The citizens are always being watched, living in a dehumanized state where individuality is bad. Second it meets the criteria for two to the types of dystopian control. Corporate and philosophical control because control because the society believes in this ideology Big Brother who is always watching and the large corporation The Party enforce this higher power through posters all around the towns. Finally Winston the main character is struggling to escape the Big Brother so he writes in a journal. He gets more and more angry with the Party and starts to question if they are right. After thinking more he realizes the society he lives in is wrong and helps the audience recognize it by showing us the cruel and nasty things the society does.Orwell takes individuality to the next level in this book. Not only does the society take it away from the citizens but also this higher figure Big Brother who is watching all the time. It shows the cruelty of a government if a society gets to this point. Wanting everyone to do as they say enough that they torture someone into having new morals and values. Taking it so far makes the audience hope this will never happen to them.
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Intriguing work that has a little nagging ending that keeps you thinking.
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