41 (Deluxe Signed Edition): A Portrait Of My Father (2014)
41 (Deluxe Signed Edition): A Portrait of My Father (2014)
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An unexpected tear-jerker. Since George H. W. Bush was the first President that I have strong memories of, I've been interested in their family since childhood. Reading about the death of their daughter, Robin, as well as Bush 43's thoughts about his dad's attendance at his inauguration and his support during 9/11, brought tears to my eyes. This account left me wanting to learn more about 41, and I will likely pick up other biographies about him. A touching tribute to a presidential father from a presidential son. With John Adams & Quincy Adams as the only other father/son combination to be President of the United States of America, their experiences are unique. While I am well-aware of of imperfections--of course there will be--I firmly believe that any country with a God fearing leader at its helm will prosper. The Bush emphasis on family also touched my heart. Is there another presidential candidate who would be searching outside in the middle of the night by flashlight for his granddaughter's stuffed animal the night before the presidential debate??? I found the explanation of new friendships between old enemies a heart-felt tribute as well. I recommend it.
I listened to the audio book and loved every second of it. What a great tribute to a great man.
This was a decent read. I liked the parts about the Father rather than the tidbits of the son.
Great book written by a son about his father.
Not enough 41, too much 43!
I really enjoyed this book!
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