A Better Man (2014)
A Better Man (2014)
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I liked many things about this book although it doesn't quite hold up in the bright light of day.The slow build between the main characters is lovely - and by slow, I mean there are chapters that begin with what month it is so you know how much time has passed.It's interesting that this author managed to find a perfect modern version of the desert island set up - two guys stuck alone in an under renovation house - and yet doesn't take advantage of it. They might just as well have been meeting every day in the park for hesitantly they move towards intimacy.Great set up for future stories. Re-ReadI enjoyed this book the 1st time around, I enjoyed it more the second.Matt has just been released from jail, he buys a dilapidated building to restore and open a Halfway house for newly released inmates.Julian is down on his luck, he see an add for a handyman, falls in love with not only the house but the owner too.This book was very easy to read, I had a few tears here and there. The storyline and plot were good.Overall a great read....
I really enjoyed this book!!!! I hope to read a lot more in the future from Jaime Reese!!!
Great story - loved both of the MCs.
Great story great characters!
More of a 3.75 book.
Loved this!
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