A Box Of Darkness: The Story Of A Marriage (2011)
A Box of Darkness: The Story of a Marriage (2011)
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0312654162 (ISBN13: 9780312654160)
St. Martin's Press
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I liked this book, I really liked it, but I always felt that the author was creating herself as a persona while she told the story of her husband, Upton, and their marriage. I had put aside another memoir of a marriage, one by Katherine Weber, whose Objects in the Mirror are Closer than they Appear I had completely enjoyed. Weber's memoir was about her grandmother's affair with George Gershwin. That sounds interesting, doesn't it? Not so much. Too distant from her own concerns, perhaps, and the writing didn't feel compelling to me at all.Sally Brady's book was utterly engrossing, but as I read, I gradually became very aware of how she was positioning herself vis-a-vis the reader. I kept reading, maybe the book deserves a higher rating, but I kept questioning her assessment of herself in contrast to her husband. What I liked--the effort to figure out a marriage, don't many of us who are married do that? Who am I and what is my effect on how this marriage is/or is not working? I've asked that question. So I get her strategy. I'm not sure it makes sense to publish the book, except that it actually is entertaining, complex and often feels honest. That seems enough. I haven't figured it out. Maybe I need to take time to let this book settle. Candid story of a marriage by the wife, who discovers (or is reminded) after her husband dies of his strong attraction to men.They met and married young in the late 50s/ early 60s. She converts to Catholicism, a certain devout observance being all the rage at the time. They remain a holy and committed couple, and raise sane kids, despite his alcoholism and gay leanings. This is a man who sewed. Waiting for Guffman comes to mind.In the end, the revelation about her husband's sexuality is less surprising that Sally's ability to love and still feel tenderness towards him despite his alcoholism and rage.
Fascinating story about a marriage written from the wife's perspective. Compelling and well written
its on hold at the library for me.....
Very compelling read.
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