A Change Of Tune (2010)
A Change of Tune (2010)
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1610401026 (ISBN13: 9781610401029)
Torquere Press
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This was a good story in all but not exactly what I expected based on the book description which was a little misleading. I was looking forward to the type of story where the two find they can't stand each other and decide they can't stand to be apart. Some added excitement and drama to add to the story.This story was about the two characters meeting up with right away and having sexual attraction/relations instantly which seemed unrealistic with the way it happen, with the sheriff Virgil breaking and entering someone's house he barely knows and then starting a sexual relationship. The character Johnny is a retired rock star moving to a remote place hoping to find a missing part in his life and to have a stable home and family. As the book goes on you can see how strong Johnny and Virgils relationship grows, a very sweet story and had some exciting steamy love scenes but the rest of the book I found to be somewhat boring. 4.5*I've found very few books that follow the characters through a little more life than the initial get together, it's wonderful to witness a little more. It's like a giant epilogue.What could I possibly want that wasn't in this story?We had good strong characters, (I kinda forgot Johnny was meant to be about half a foot smaller than Grissom because his personality was a lot bigger).A little of a class divide (Though it wasn't played on and pointed out frequently).KIDS!!! (I love kids in a story)Animals (This house ended up like a freakin' zoo)Not a load of angst (It's nice to read something a little mellow on occasion)There were many other elements I really enjoyed in this story.I just loved it.
Totally loved this book from the beginning to the end! ;)
Sweet, hyper read.
2 - 3 stars.
3.5 stars
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