A Couple Of Boys Have The Best Week Ever [With Hardcover Book] (2000)
A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever [With Hardcover Book] (2000)
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Personal Reaction:This book was very creative and that's what I really enjoyed about it! I liked the irony of James and Eamon being at outdoors camp and how they rarely experienced being outside and enjoying it. One thing I thought was funny was how brutally honest they were (especially to Bill!) and they told him if they didn't want to do something or how they truly felt about it. Thinking back to when I was that age, even if I didn't like something I would have lied and said I liked it or didn't care so I liked how honest they were about the whole week! It also reminded me of when I went to camp as a kid so I also really liked that aspect of it, even if "Jamon" didn't!Purposes: -1st and 2nd grade reading level Read Aloud Enrichment: for enjoyment as well as outdoor educational purposes-If the classroom is going on a hiking field-trip or learning about Antarctica and penguins, this would be a good introduction book that could get them thinking about possible connections; ask the students if they have ever had an experience like James and Eamon's with Bill and Pam. Ask them if they have anyone like Bill and Pam (grandparents) in their life that would/have done this with them before. Curriculum: -Strong vocabulary: fascinating, preferred, meditation, recapped-Introduce a minor form of sarcasm to the classroom; throughout the book, there was sarcasm shown through the written text and the illustrations that corresponded with it. Audience: This book would most likely appeal to intermediate elementary students due to some of the word choice that is included in the story.Appeal: It would most likely appeal to boys and girls since the main characters consist of two boys having a camping adventure together. Application: I would use a think aloud visual literacy strategy with this book. The text itself presents information in a way that would make you think different about what is happening in the story. The illustrations show the two boys doing something totally different than expected. This would be a good book to use with students so that they can visualize their beliefs and explain their thoughts before actually looking at the pictures,Award: Caldecott Honor Award 2009Copyright: 2008
Read at the BYU library I prefer books that uplift and teach improvement, not that teach mediocrity
The activities of the boys in the book sounded very familiar...
love the comic book approach, and the penguins everywhere
Caldecott Winner from the past 5 years
extremely cute!
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