A Distant Eden (2000)
A Distant Eden (2000)
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The author states in his introduction that this is not a novel, it is part novel and part survival instruction. He writes a story to point out the things that should be done before, and during, an apocalyptic survival situation. It is the reader's job to either read it as a novel or to follow up on the survivalist skills that the author refers to. As a novel it is interesting, another end of civilization as we know it scenario. Likeable and engaging characters, believable premise. It follows one group of characters with the necessary skills to not only survive, but to do so well, an dhow they build on those skills to return to a more civilized way of life. The author is upfront that the book is a How-To, but in the wrapping of a story. The 2 stars comes from the total lack of the writer's ability to tell that story. The entire book read more like an after action report. All the characters were very stiff and one dimensional, they never seemed to progress or even show a single emotion.I was hoping that the author might have done his next book with some more attention to the characters and to developing his writing skills. All it takes is a cursory reading of the reviews for the later books to show that he doesn't. It's too bad because Mr. Tackitt has quite a bit of knowledge to provide but no real ability to tell a story. Mr Tackitt, drop me a line, I'll write with you and we could put out something very cool ;)A one word summary - juvenile.
Meh. I liked it, but he could have spent some more time on character development.
Definitely worth a buck and some scary-interesting ideas about the end
I'm not sure what to think of this book........
libertarians. ..
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