A Family Man (2014)
A Family Man (2014)
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Sarah Osborne
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A Family Man (Freaks MC #1)By: Sarah Osbourne4/5 starsIn the book description, it states that this book is not a romance, but a book about love in all its forms. I would definitely agree with that description. There is familial love, brotherly love, a first love, parental love, child love and above all, the love of motorcycles.The book spans somewhere close to 13+ years, with scenes about the past, but that are not flashbacks, more so just remembering. And thus, it really is an epic story which I would say is mostly about Joe and the people in his life and those that he loves in all the many different ways that he loves them and which they love him. I wouldn’t say that it’s a particularly beautiful story because Joe’s journey includes a lot of ugliness, manipulation, and straight up heartbreak.There is Joe, a nomad member of the Freaks MC and it has been the entirety of his adult life. They are his chosen family, his brothers, his friends and fellow Freaks and above all, they have his undying loyalty. Being a member of an outlaw MC can be hard and trying for families, but being a nomad in an outlaw MC is even more difficult and causes hardships.Joe is the single child of a single mother, Sophia. He is the long-time on and off again lover of Maria, though he is not the father of her daughter Amy. Joe and Maria have a toxic relationship that does nothing but leech poison onto them. They are a classic example of “can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em” because they haven’t been able to stay away from each other but they also can’t function when they are together.Maria’s younger sister Beth, has long loved Joe, ever since she was a child. But she knows that he only will ever see her as a younger sister, especially when compared to her beautiful sister. Beth also steps in to take care of her niece Amy on many occasions when her mother runs off.For Joe, the only pure light in his life has been Amy. Though she is not his blood child, for all intents and purposes, she is his kid. Her journey is also epic in this story as she is a huge part of Joe’s life. She is the only one who brings light into his dark world and who keeps him human.I did like quite a few of Joe’s fellow brothers, especially Samson and Spike. I know the second book is Samson’s book, but I don’t know yet if Spike will be getting a book. In this book however, Samson played a large role in helping Beth and especially Joe.There is love, sorrow and extreme heartbreak in this book. I’ll definitely be reading the next books in this series. I am almost not sure how to even start writing this review. It's not because I didn't like it...I really LOVED it...but it was so serious and emotional and just not what I expect from an MC book.Joe "Tiny" is a man with a lot on his plate. He has loved Maria seemingly forever, been friends with her younger sister Beth (who worshipped him from afar) and was the surrogate (but for all intents and purposes the only real) father to Maria's daughter Amy. His mom was the unofficial care-giver/grandma when Maria was too high or drunk to take care of Amy, and between Beth and Joe, everyone was taken care of in every way imaginable.What made this story so heartbreaking was you could just feel the impending doom looming over everyone's heads...happiness and good times were few and far between and although we get a sense of a really strong family surviving whatever comes their way, you just know it will all blow up one day. Everytime Joe is sent off on club business, you wonder if he will make it back in one piece...and the thing I really liked about this book was, although it was so long, none of the scenes were drawn out too long...you got to the point quickly and resolutions were swift. About the 80% point in the book, things went in a whole other direction that I wasn't expecting (I did not read any spoilers) and I found myself tearing up and then OMG just bawling. Yep, things got that deep and while I usually go for biker books that are more about club life, full of sex and wild parties and violence...this one was surprisingly lacking in the graphic sex department, a moderate amount of violence but mostly just a really complex and deeply disturbing family drama (with the MC business not really the main focus all the time).A really unexpected and meaty storyline...and one that will stick with me for a long time....could not put it down once I started reading!***** 5 ***** "life, love and family ties" stars
Hands down the best biker book I have ever read. This book is sheer brilliance
not that good at all. :(
4.5 Stars.
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