A Fifty-Year Silence: Love, War, And A Ruined House In France (2000)
A Fifty-Year Silence: Love, War, and a Ruined House in France (2000)
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If the blurb is to be believed, this is a book about why the author's maternal grandparents split up to never speak to each other again, even after 50 years. More than that each goes out of their way to not even be in the same country as the other at the same time if possible. Sounds like a great story? I would never had read this had the book been more accurately titled, "why I wanted to move to France" or "everyone but me seems to think my grandparents are obnoxious, sometimes mean people but I just don't get why they didn't stay together." The first few chapters held promise, but the book devolved from there into a random mix of history and the present focusing more on the author's self discovery rather than any interesting family history. This is the true story of the author's relationships with her grandparents and her examination and reconstruction of their marriage and separation in France during World War II. It is beautifully written and reads like a novel in that you care about these personalities and their lives. Few people ever get to know their grandparents so thoroughly and completely or even their own parents. This was a wonderful book.
excellent book..started out kind of slow but seem to get you more interested in her family.
Sorry, no clear story here, just what seemed like fifty long years of rambling thoughts
I found this book disappointing. It never really delivered.
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