A Fish Named Glub (2014)
A Fish Named Glub (2014)
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A quirky little book for sure. The illustrations, for me, are the star of the show. I enjoy the very nonconformist storyline at points, but am having trouble placing what age range I would suggest reading this with. I also appreciate the subtle humor aimed more at adults - the fact the fish doesn't think much more than a fish does - but I found the story line rushed and wanted to know much more about the people or have the fish's inner world, though simple, more revealed. Worth a look for the quirks, though. What a sweet story of a fish who finds his meaning in life. I think the simplicity of the story and the repetition will appeal to young kids, yet this story has a deeper meaning as well. Kind of a confusing start to the book on which character is which and how they are related, but I did read this downloaded on my computer so I couldn't see the two page spread which might help with understanding. I love that Glub asks questions which then get answered by the humans around him.I received a PDF copy of this book for free through NetGalley for an honest review.
cute story about wondering about your place and the magic of dreams.
Pretty deep picture book about a very thought-filled fish.
Made me smile...nice story with whimsical illustrations.
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Beautifully poetic.
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