A Fostered Love (2009)
A Fostered Love (2009)
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Jonah fell in love with Christian and vice versa when the two were fostered together years earlier. Jonah ends up going to Juvenile Detention for committing a crime and this both helps to save his life and set him up for believing he can never really trust or love another.Christian pines for Jonah but does manage to try other relationships, including a disastrous affair with a closeted man named David, who later stalks and almost kills him. David later plays the MC in book 4.When Marisol dies, Christian and Jonah pretty quickly realize they have been pining for one another and decide to trust one another and give a relationship a try.We also meet Abby, Braden and Rodrigo, who will play a role in book 2.**I first read this book a couple of years ago, and then re-read it when book 4 was released. At the time I had read it, I was fairly new to the genre and thought it was amazing. Cameron Dane writes really detailed and fairly hot sex scenes and I was really touched by the love and devotion between Jonah and Christian.Now that I have expanded my reading repertoire, my review is a little less glowing.First, I was bugged by Jonah always claiming to have no feelings but being able to specifically detail his emotions in long speeches delivered to Christian.I also found Jonah’s explanation of his “hardness” due to his time in JD to be a little thin. It wasn’t prison. It was juvie.Then, there are the euphemisms. Sure, we have to describe body parts to know what is going where and when and how, but there are ways to go about this that don’t pull you out of the story with their strangeness.For example: “…driving Jonah’s shivering anus into a frenzy.” Or “…driving his chute crazy as it milked and squeezed…”Or “His chute craved the invasion…” And this one “…Jonah’s esophagus rubbed raw as he forced out that one short sentence.” The esophagus is for eating… I think she meant trachea… but, maybe not.The feeling that these body parts are sort of sentient “craving” and being “driven crazy” kind of pulled me out of the story with a big eye roll. I just think there might be more elegant ways to describe this.But, really, the love story is quite touching. The emotions are there and the stalkery part of the story was exciting.I really love when two broken characters can help fix one another and so I was very satisfied with the overall story, even if some of the wording was strange or some of the dialog unrealistic.So, though I won’t call it a 5, I will give it a 4 out of 5 hearts and just accept the imperfections for the sake of the story. I liked the characters, their back story, and the intensity in their coming together as adults, but for me the numerous love scenes were a distraction. Also, sometimes it only felt lustful and physical without that emotional element. I know it’s a crazy comment for an erotica, but I would have preferred that the love scenes were replaced with deep heartwarming conversation. I was especially annoyed at the end when Jonah was spilling his heart out and Christian started to initiate sex! So Jonah was making all these deep revelations and confessions while they were having sex. What?! I’m not a fan of sex for sex sake so that is actually what made this book lose a star - I liked everything else about it.
Lots of sex and passion, but also a great story.
Wasn't good, wasn't bad...just meh.
So beautiful....really loved this
4.5 stars!
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