A Good Debutante's Guide To Ruin (2014)
A Good Debutante's Guide to Ruin (2014)
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0062222503 (ISBN13: 9780062222503)
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Good read. Rosalie is a bit headstrong and naive, rushing into situations without thinking through the results first. I suppose if she didn't, the story would have been a whole lot shorter and with less angst/drama. Given one of the memories from their shared childhood, I wasn't surprised that they ended up in a tree at the end. Declan is okay, but I really want to red Aurelia's story, especially her animosity toward Max. GOOD STORY RUSHED ENDING!!I enjoyed A Good Debutante's Guide to Ruin. What I didn't like was the rushed ending. Why do author's always add a kidnapping scene involving the Heroine in the story? The kidnapping scene has been done way to many times!! I am sick of it!! It shows the author is adding to the word count and not caring about thinking of a good ending to the story. Why not do a grand wedding or the couple going through having there first child together? Something more entertaining then the go to kidnapping scenario. This was so unnecessary and broke up the momentum of the growing love and romance of the couple. The kidnappers in this case was Rosalie Hughes mother and her lover Peter and all they get is basically a slap on the hand for what they did to Rosalie and Declan. I don't like it when villains don't get due punishment for there crimes in the story. I did think the characters were very well written and Rosalie was a perfect heroine and Declan the perfect Duke. I enjoyed Declan's Aunt Lady Merlton an his cousin Aurelia.The story starts with Rosalie being dropped off at her stepbrothers the Duke of Banbury Mayfair mansion by the head mistress Mrs. Heathstone of Harwich School for Young Ladies. Poor Rosalie has no were to go. Her neglectful mother has refused to call for her these 2yrs. past since she finished her schooling. Declan the Duke of Banbury hates his stepmother but allows her daughter who is no blood kin to him stay at his residence. Rosalie has always cared for Declan for the few years they lived together as children she would follow him around. He called her Carrots becasue of the color of her hair. Declans father believed the lies his stepmother had told about him and his father kicks him out of the house. 10yrs later Declan is now the Duke.. Needless to say Declan and Rosalie fall in love. Let me say again they are Not blood related. There association with each other is what they struggle with in there developing love and sensual feelings toward one another. All in All I enjoyed the story and look forward to the next book in "The Debutante Files"
Great. I like both the hero and heroine.I'm not into detailed review lately...
Excellent, fast-paced story that doesn't disappoint. Read it in one sitting
I Love this book !!! I can't wait for the next book !!!!:)
I'll read anything by Sophie Jordan.
rating: 3.75/5review to come.
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