A Holiday Yarn (2010)
A Holiday Yarn (2010)
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0451231589 (ISBN13: 9780451231581)
NAL Hardcover
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This was by no means an awful book, but my main complaint was packaging. If you are going to write a cozy mystery set in a knitting shop in Cape Cod, the reader will expect a good amount of knitting and some Cape Cod atmosphere. There was not enough of either to appease this reader, nor was the mystery anything special. All that remains to hang the story on was the characters, and while I could discern them from each other (not always possible in a cozy) they were not compelling enough to make me want to read more in the series. These knitting yarns are rather mindless...so why do I read them? It is always fun to see what is happening at the Thursday Nite "Knit'n'Bitches" around the US. These women had wonderful relationships and spent more time talking about their friends than bitching. They also had a great setup for dining during their time together. Good food and lots of wine as they knit colorful squares to be made into blankets for children in South Africa. They all wear beautiful swaeters and don't seem to gain weight as they eat their way through numerous scones in the mornings and restaurant dinners.The mystery? Well, it was rather transparent and not terribly engaging.
This is the last of series of knitting mysteries that I have in my possession. Just a fun read.
loved this book....so many little mysteries within the pages it was great all the way through!
A fun cozy set in a coastal town in Massachusetts, makes you feel like you are on vacation.
My first book by this author so I might get brave and try another one.
Liked it.
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