A Killer Retreat (2000)
A Killer Retreat (2000)
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0738742090 (ISBN13: 9780738742090)
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I read this as it was readily available on Kindle while I was waiting on a few other books I had on hold. It's cutesy, almost too precious with the nicknames the main character assigns to everything. She (Kate) is pretty obnoxious, as are her friends and all but one other character in the book, who is still unconvincing. Kate's being questioned by the police about the murder is not very believable, as she really has no motive but annoyance. I'm a relatively slow reader, and my initial Kindle checkout ran out when I was about 50 pages from the end. I was invested enough in the book that I went to the library to read the rest, but didn't find it particularly satisfying. And while I have a mild interest in possibly starting yoga, the book didn't help push me further in that direction. If you want something light to read, this would do passably well. Tracy Weber has done it again with her second book, A Killer Retreat. Our heroine, Kate Davidson accepts an offer to teach yoga at a health spa. But health fails big time for one nasty guest who is murdered and wouldn't you know it, fingers point to Kate. Serenity can be hard to maintain for our favorite yoga teacher as she deals with her changing relationship with her boyfriend Michael and the well being of her two best friends, beloved Bella, her German Shepherd and the feisty Rene. Add to this a little wedding mayhem and an unruly dog and you have the recipe for a lively and appealing cozy mystery. I give Tracy's book a solid five stars for entertainment.
I love that these books are written about places I have been!
Thoroughly enjoying this series.
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