A L'aube Des Jours Heureux (2014)
A l'aube des jours heureux (2014)
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I received an ARC from Reading Deals Review Club in exchange for an honest review. This is the first book I have read by Roxanne Snopek and it most definitely won't be my last! I love Rory and Carson's story! What's not love? A sexy cowboy, a beautiful heroine, wild horses, furry dog all set in beautiful Montana!! This book was so good that it was hard to put down! I highly recommend it for anyone who loves romances that warm your heart!! This was a cute romance read, with all the juicy drama. Aurora (Rory) McCalister has split from her cheating fiance and moves to a ranch to start afresh. With a baby on the way Rory just wants to get through the next 7 months with her trusty support dog that is also pregnant have her baby and get over a horrible part of her life. She signs a rental agreement sight unseen on an old ranch house. When she gets there the place is dilapidated and in ruins.Carson Grayson has been away for a few months and returns to his families old cattle ranch to get funding for a new ranch study centre for wild horses, a favorite part if his life for a long time and now his father has died there is nothing stopping him - except 1 clause that will only see Carson take over the farm and title if he marries. This is not a part that Carson wants anything to do with, he will own that farm all on his own. He doesn't need a woman, until he meets Rory...The 2 try to deny all feelings for each other but when they share a cottage together feelings come into affect that neither are prepared for.They have the perfect agreement - Carson marries Rory, he gets the ranch and title. Rory marries Carson and she gets a handsome settlement to set her and her baby up for a long time. They never imagined that 1 agreement would bring them together. The wedding agreement becomes a full on marriage when they finally agree that they love each other. Everything is good when Carson gets his ranch, and the wife and the chance to be a daddy to a baby that taken away from him earlier in life. Rory gets the husband, the baby and the puppies she was determined to deliver to help autistic children.All round good read... with plenty of big characters that lighten the story and give more depth.
Great fun! A well-written book that takes you away from your routine.
3.5. a fun quick read.
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