A Lesson In Truth (2010)
A Lesson In Truth (2010)
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This author is new to me and this is the only second book I have read...More being the 1st.I liked the story despite it being a bit far-fetched, of Michael, the professor and older man and David, his much younger student. It was rather sweet and cute with a hot sex scene. I would have liked for it to be a bit longer...I finished the 10 pages in something like 15 minutes....it flashed before my eyes..and then...THE END. David seemed very young and somehow a bit immature to me....all that misunderstanding....talk about crossed communication!!!The ending was like.....okay, let's get married.....what...after first time lovemaking....oh...maybe they know each other...or maybe...it's fantasy and these things HAPPEN!!!! I do like the writing style and I definitely want to read more of her books. In fact I am about to start on Breathe, which I believe is amazing. Loveliness in a profound way may very well mean being in love with a partners genitals.I feel the reason we need to explain that we explore areas of hidden and secret darkness, must come less from the flirtation, then from foreplay. I remember the first time I was seen with my arms folded in a man's chest, I was liberated like a dove and not chastised for being a boy who opens his legs to be comed on. As age is perhaps the angelic muse of homesexual discourse, The paradigm of my love's awakening surprises did arouse me to want to be penetrated first and then accepted by him. I thank you Heir Parker for goodreads that can read truth in the core of how imagination stirs us in the moment of passion.
3 'v sweet' Stars.Perfect for your morning tea/coffee/me-time break.
Hot and cute at the same time!
Super short, but very hot!
3.5 to 3.75 stars
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