A Lion In Tails (2013)
A Lion in Tails (2013)
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1627985840 (ISBN13: 9781627985840)
Dreamspinner Press
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Like most Christmas stories, this was another sweet, angst free read and it is what I come to expect with holiday stories. I felt so bad for Angus losing his mother at such a young age and spending his first Christmas without her. But Larry, while he is great with Angus is just so lost and doesn't think he can do this. Along comes Joshua who just seems to breathe life into both Angus and Larry and makes both of them begin to heal and live again. Lovely story. This is the story of Larry, who's been taking care of his nephew, Angus, since his sister died a few months ago. Both Larry and Angus are still adjusting to the new changes in their lives and missing Angus' mom. It's a sweet story of how Joshua swoops in and makes things brighter for both man and boy. I adored this story and the way that Joshua was able to heal both Larry and Angus. It was cute the way that Angus attached himself so much to Joshua and how Joshua broke down the walls that Larry had around himself. At times, Angus acted much older than his five years and some of the story is glossed over, which I wish we could have seen but this was definitely a story I loved. It was sad at times but it was definitely something that put a smile on my face. Just lovely.
This story has a sweet build up. A terrible mess up. And hope that you can make things better.
As always, beautifully written. Andrew always writes a great story. That's the part I love.
love AG books. this one was a 3.5, good, but not his best novella.
3.5 stars
its ok
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