A Maine Christmas...or Two - A Duet: The Billionaire's Angel & A Mermaid Isle Christmas (2013)
A Maine Christmas...or Two - A Duet: The Billionaire's Angel & A Mermaid Isle Christmas (2013)
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Two of my favorite authors, The two stars of this book Grady and Aiden will warm up even the coldest winter.Get to know some of the Mermaid isle peeps. The Mermaid isle series by Cali MacKay is fabulous! J.S. Scott's Billionaires are always a wonderful romantic escape. I can't wait to learn more about those Sinclair's. No cliffhangers and everything you could want in a holiday romantic read. I loved it! The Billionaire's Angel, by J. S. ScottGrady Sinclair knew he could never live up to father's expectation's of him. Every Christmas the Sinclair's held their annual Christmas party and each kid was expected to attend. Except the eldest was away at school and didn't have to come home, but he did to be supportive of Grady. Sad in that Grady was a bright geek in his own right, down right a computer nerd, but his dad never took the time to see it, since Grady was not a social butterfly. He was demanding his ass to be present at this party. That would be the last party he had to put up with his father as he died shortly afterwards. Grady Sinclair later got the nickname the Amesport Beast. Emily Ashworth oversees the YCOA of Ashworth, her ex boyfriend took off with the funds needed to give the annual Christmas gala that supports the Youth Center year round as well. So, Emily thinks she will go to the beast who happens to the billionaire of Amesport as well. She makes her first impression by ringing the doorbell and then landing in a heap on Grady Sinclair's doorstep. Trying to get up, she loses her footing once again just as Grady open the door. "DAMN!" He thinks she is a hooker sent by his older Evan. ha lol. I can reassure I am not! She explains why she is there. He tells her he will donate a billion dollars if she spends one week of Christmas with him and so she agrees but she explains she is not sleeping with him, and he must attend the YCOA party as well.. First time reading J. S. Scott, and I must say I enjoyed this book. Reminded me of The Beauty and the Beast in a way. Loved this..Great two box set..A Mermaid Isle Christmas by Cali Mackay Aidan got ready to hunker down for the storm that was coming to the Mermaid Isle. Maine winters could be brutal. but this one had veered from its path and was set to break all records. Pantry stocked, wood stocked and generator was ready for the worst. Whisky even if needed, but he rather live with pain than dull it. He choose woodworking to keep busy rather than dulling his pain.He got an unexpected knock on his door. Who the hell could be out there in this mess he wondered. "She looked like Snow White-porcelain skin with rosy cheeks, black as night hair, ice blue eyes, and lush, naturally red lips." Turned out she was a friend of Finn's his brothers and she had ordered a piece of furniture for her father as a Christmas present. Now the trouble was the bridge back to the mainland was closed so she would be snowed in for days..With 18"of snow on the ground already he is surprised she even got over the bridge to begin with. It took awhile but soon Chloe found out why he was such a grumpy man who had no Christmas around his home, and why he demanding she wasn't leaving to go anywhere to seek refuge anywhere else. It's a touching story reading as his heart slowly unfolds and he begin be trust. Aidan also helps Chloe see that she shouldn't feel guilty for following her dreams and letting her dad and brothers fend for themselves. I love Cali books and this is just another one I simply couldnt put down!
I loved both of these stories, and I have a new series to read. It was really good.
I enjoyed both these books. Sometimes you just need a fast paced book :)
Completely worth reading. Short and sweet and oh so romantic.
Quick easy reads. Just what I wanted.
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