A Matter Of Truth (2013)
A Matter of Truth (2013)
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I have now reached past the point of sleep deprivation. I cannot stop reading these books. Heather Lyons has become my addiction. As much as this series can get annoying with the Chloe going back and forth, it doesn't even matter. Because I completely understand why. I absolutely love both Kellan and Jonah and it kills me the pain both of them share because of it all. I loved this book. I love Will. I love Cameron. I love how grown up Chloe became finally. I love that her mother is finally attempting. I love Karl. I seriously cannot get enough of this series. Its sickening. I have become a zombie staying up to the wee hours of the morning just to finish these books. I have one left after 4 days. And I cannot wait to finally finish the series and see where it all goes. Heather Lyons is one of my all time favorite authors and when I finish this last book I will be desperately waiting for a new book to devour by her. I have become so invested in her world and characters, I even dream about them. Wonderful writer. Fabulous stories. Heart wrenching love stories. Beautiful choice of words. And terrifying emotions. A thrill ride from start to finish. Onto the last book so I can drive myself into another book hangover after finishing her series, like The Deep End of the Sea, to where it ruins me for days and I am unable to read anything else. I have not been moved by a book enough to write a review in quite a long time. However after immersing myself in this series for the past few days now that I've breached the surface of reality again having reached the end of what is published thus far I literally felt like I was going to explode if I didn't share MY FEELS. This is just a snippet, I plan to expand more rationally later so for those of you who have not read this installment yet *****BE WARNED FOR SPOILERS LAY AHEAD***** for those of you who have read it be warned for sleep deprived rants of highly volatile emotions to follow. I am sorry but fuck team Jonah I am with Kellan all the way. There was a particular line in this book that I will later go back and quote but it was roughly something along the lines (apologies for my poor paraphrasing) of sometimes a girl just needs stability, not explosions. WHO ARE YOU KIDDING, Jonah is too perfect, almost to a fault of dare I say boring, I'd explode with Kellan all day long, his flaws make him so much more of an interesting character bad boy or not. Really he is not even all that bad, just human and not an anti social bore like Jonah. Jonah is too easy of a choice I wanted more challenge, more conflict, just MORE, I wanted Kellan to fight for it because I think he deserves it more, Jonah was almost a cop out, he was the obvious and hence in my opinion far less interesting and dynamic choice. 5 stars for making me so damn angry. Rant over for now, expect more developed and coherent thoughts on this tomorrow after I've cried myself to sleep from the depression of withdrawal and emotional overload. All of the above aside, this is the best series I have read all year - start it already.
I so love this series....Jonah, Kellan and now Will (oh my)
4.5 stars - almost 5. End leaves you totally hanging :-(
I love the new characters.
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