A Measure Of Mercy (2009)
A Measure of Mercy (2009)
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0764206095 (ISBN13: 9780764206092)
Bethany House Publishers
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If you can get through the first 4-5 chapters you will be drawn into this book. The beginning is a little too religious for my taste and seems melodramatic.Like many of the religious fiction that's free on Amazon, this author places her heroine in extraordinary circumstances. Astrid is training to be a doctor and goes through all of the gnashing anbd wailing of whether she can deal with moving away from home for 6 months for her medical training. While the characters, even Astrid, are engaging, her naivite just gets to be too much as we watch her make a bad life-chainging choice because she does not know herself.The author does a good service by stoppig in the midst of a mjor plot point so that you will want to go on to the next title in the series. It is really hard to keep track of the minor characters in the these series when reading them a months/years apart. The first series I read in high school so its been close to 15 years and I've forgotten a lot of what happened. I also didn't realize there was a 3rd and 4th book in the Daughters of Blessings series so those would have helped before reading this book. That said, I really enjoyed this one. I loved Astrid as a main character and her struggles with her faith throughout the book seemed so realistic. While there were people who died in this book it wasn't has horrific as some of the events I remember from the earlier books so it was just an enjoyable read.
Very pleasant book. I do look foward to reading the rest of the series.
I couldn't get into it. Too slow
not my thing. Gave up
its a very good book
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