A Mere Formality (2008)
A Mere Formality (2008)
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Ilona Andrews
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In an effort of full disclosure, let me first say that I am a huge fan of Ilona Andrews. I truly love the world building, characters, plots and humor of this husband and wife writing dynamo. " A Mere Formality" is another example of an incredible read by this pair. Usually, I do not care for intergalactic space stories. However, once again Ilona Andrews proves that good writing can make a believer out of anyone.Deidre is a researcher and officer for the Second Intergalactic Empire. Sir Robert Sarvini is the Ambassador to the Reigh, an exceptional warrior race known for their exceptional fighting skills. Robert is also Deidre's employer. After attending a banquet hosted by Empire, Lord Nagrad, Ruler of the Reigh dies from an allergic reaction to redfish caviar. His son and new ruler, Lord Nagrad demands a huge monetary compensation for the afront not to mention a wife. Sir Robert is sure there is more to this fiasco than meets the eye and he is right.Lord Nagrad requests a meeting with the selected wife of his choice and Deidre is shocked to discover that it is her. He keeps her off guard with a series of sexual questions and as disheartening as this is, Deidre is determined to find out a solution to this problem. Upon doing additional research, Deidre comes to realize that by agreeing to this marriage she will ensure protection in the form of assistance from the Reigh that her people desperately need. However, is she willing to do this? Not without some serious negotiations.This short story is wonderfully written, full of surprises and humor. One of my favorite quotes is : "You have no ambition. In the next life, you'll be reborn as a tea kettle." Do not hesitate go to Ilona Andrews website and read this story. You will love it! I got this free from the Ilona Andrews website.It's a romantic sci fi short, with the most inventive use of porn I've ever seen in a story. As cryptic as that sounds, I don't want to spoil anything by explaining more.There is an 18 and over advisory on the story, but if you are expecting lots of the smexy scenes, think again. It is still very adult, just maybe not in the way you are imagining.This was just a lot of fun to read. Good humor and characters.
A back story with good info. Enjoyed it
Nicely made:)
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