A Night To Surrender (2011)
A Night to Surrender (2011)
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0062049836 (ISBN13: 9780062049834)
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Spindle Cove #1Susanna has made Spindle Cove a place for young women that don't fit into the ideal Regency Era woman. The troubles she had made her feel inadequate. Everything is going great until a bunch of military men invade her town led by Victor Bramwell. Bram is determined to get back to the war even though he has a bad knee. He is convinced that Susanna's father will help.But Susanna's father has his own plan. Bram and Susanna are drawn to each other, seeing what they need in the other person. Will they fall in love or will circumstances keep them apart?I would give this book a 3 and half. I liked it but was bored in some spots. its funny !! “This isn't food." Bram picked up a lavender-iced cake between thumb and finger and stared at it. "This is...edible ornamentation.”----------------------------------------------------------------“She [Susanna] realized she was still hugging the wall. Pride propelled her two steps forward. As she advanced, something bleated at her, as though chastising her for trespassing. She stopped midstep and peered at it. "Did you know there's a lamb in here?""Never mind it. That's dinner."She gave it a smile and a friendly pat. "Hullo, Dinner. Aren't you a sweet thing.""It's not his name, it's his...function.” ------------------------------------------------------“The Blushing Pansy," his cousin read aloud, in a tone of abject horror. "Tea shop and confectionery."Bram swore. This was going to be ugly.” ------------------------------------------------------------------“Your breasts are alabaster orbs.' "What?" Rufus objected. "That's stupid. I'm not saying that.""Do you have some better suggestion?""Why can't you just say she's got a fair set of titties?” ----------------------------------------------------------------------“Thorne looked to the woolly beast at his [Bram's] knee and and cocked a brow. "You seem to have acquired a lamb, my lord.""The lamb goes home tomorrow.""And if he doesn't?""He's dinner.” -----------------------------------------------------------------“When he [Colin] reached the center of the field, he paused to catch his breath and scan the area for telltale tufts of wool. When the lamb failed to appear, he cupped his hands around his mouth and tried again. "Dinner!"This time, his call earned an answer. Several answers. In fact, the ground shook with the collective bestial response. He spied several large, dark forms lumbering toward him through the twilight dusk. He blinked, trying to make them out. These weren't sheep. No, they were...Cows. Large cows. Remarkably fast and menacing cows. A small herd of them, all thundering straight for him where he stood in the center of the field.Colin took a few steps backward. "Wait," he said, holding up his hands. "I didn't mean you.”
So much better than I expected it to be. I really loved it. Funny and entertaining.
Utterly charming. Can't wait to read the others!
loved it. halirious. i loved Dinner.
That was a little painful to read tbh
silly and romancey
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