A Peek Beyond The Consequences (2014)
A Peek Beyond the Consequences (2014)
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So glad there was more of Tony & Claire...not that I wish these two any more drama, but I love getting a glimpse into the life that they have created, rather that Aleatha Romig has created. Love getting lost in that fantasy. I jumped right to this book in the anthology, will eventually go back and read the rest. It's a must read dark, romantic, suspenseful story. Start at the beginning and don't miss a thing! Short story that was fairly ok for me and if you're a fan of the Consequences Serie, you're going to enjoy reading it.I always love to read more about great characters such as Claire and Tony, that being said I felt this short coming and a little incomplete or maybe rushed out. There were loose ends and I get those because this is really just a peek beyond the consequences but I would've prefered more suspense and details to build up the peak of this short story than steamy scenes that as much fun as they are, I felt that there were too much of them (I can't believe I just wish that...but it is what it is ;) )
This was a nice peek into Claire and Tony's new life. I liked seeing them so happy.
Love it! I want more!!!
awesome sauce!
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