A Picture Perfect Holiday (2011)
A Picture Perfect Holiday (2011)
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I always feel like when I read a Z.A. Maxfield book, I'm never know what I am going to get, but it's going to be good. She's the Gary Oldman of writing. (Because Gary Oldman is in a lot of movies, he's always different, but always awesome). This is a short, sweet, lovely story about two incredibly brave young men. What a sweetheart of a story.I have officially reached maximum Maxfield (there is a pun there somewhere) saturation. I have nothing left of hers to read. ZAM and teens is always a winning combination ("Your family think you shit cream puffs"), and mooning Caleb is very sweet. Christian (interesting to see that what I think is a regular German name is clearly also a normal Mexican name) may be a bit rude at times, but I think has good and acceptable reasons for his reluctance to be out-and-proud. And I really admire him for putting his family so high up his list of what's important in his personal life. I like that Caleb doesn't actually try to change Christian's mind/plans, he just offers to be a "good, good friend", with real suggestions of help. And the end is just adorable and admirable, leaving me googling "tamale" while wondering just where along the line "caroling" had become such a very conservative pastime. At least on the face of it - despite the great marijuana scare Erin & Co turned out to be just great.
A cute short story, but not one of my favorites.
3.5Sweet story
3.5 stars
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