A Plain & Simple Christmas (2010)
A Plain & Simple Christmas (2010)
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Title: A PLAIN & SIMPLE CHRISTMASAuthor: Amy Clipston Publisher: ZondervanSeptember 2010ISBN: 978-0-310-32736-3Genre: Inspirational/AmishThree years ago, Anna Mae McDonough had joined the Amish church, but then she met Englischer, Kellan McDonough and married him. As a result, Anna Mae was shunned. But now she’s expecting her first baby and her only Christmas wish is to be reconnected with her family. Katherine Beiler married Anna Mae’s brother, David, and she is thrilled when she receives a letter from Anna Mae asking about coming home for a visit. But David is vehemently against it. Believing she’s doing the right thing, Katherine agrees to help Anna Mae with arrangements, even hosting the couple for meals. Anna Mae’s her father is a bishop, and told Anna Mae when she left that she was no longer his daughter. He won’t change his mind. Is there any hope for a Christmas miracle?A PLAIN & SIMPLE CHRISTMAS is set in the backdrop of Ms. Clipston’s Kauffman Amish Bakery series and has some secondary characters that readers of her books are familiar with. I enjoyed getting to know Anna Mae and her husband Kellan, and was glad that Anna Mae didn’t regret loving her husband, but yet she did want restoration with her family. I was also glad that one family member was receptive to her reconnecting. I enjoyed reading this novella. Discussion questions and an Amish Fruitcake recipe (it sounds more like applesauce cake) is included at the end of this book. $14.99. 190 pages. A PLAIN & SIMPLE CHRISTMAS by Amy Clipston is a heartwarming, sweet inspirational fiction/general. it is well written with strong characters,details and depth. It has Amish,faith,love,forgiveness,birth of a babe,separation of a family member,family,shunning,an Amish marrying a Englisher, following God's will no matter the consequences, and the miracle of Christmas.This is a sweet heartwarming story of faith and family differences and the coming together of a family. Anna Mae is shunned by her family after marrying Kellan, an Englisher by her family. Her father, the bishop of their Amish community refuses to welcome her home for a visit. Anna is with her first child and determined to make amends with her family. She wants her child to her family. Her husband only has a sister. She enlists the help of her sister-in-law. Although, all does not go has planned. We have a near delivery of their baby in a barn, a disastrous dinner at Anna's brother's house, and the forgiveness of her father after her husband shows him the Christian way. This is a quick read, fast paced, page turning story of family, forgiveness,the bond between mother,daughter,family and the miracle of Christmas.I would highly recommend this book for it is a great read for Christmas and will lift your spirits. This book was received for review from Library Thing and details can be found at Zondervan and My Book Addiction and More.
What a good book. So heartwarming.
Cute story! Well worth the read!
A good story to relax with.
Excellent read!!
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