A Prince Among Frogs (2010)
A Prince Among Frogs (2010)
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1599903490 (ISBN13: 9781599903491)
Bloomsbury USA Childrens
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I'm conflicted. On the one hand, I thought this was a fun and charming read. On the other hand... I feel this series has dragged on WAY too long.The series began 7 books ago with The Frog Princess, which I loved. Books 1-4 chronicled the adventures of Princess Emma, her Prince Eadric, and other creature she met on the way as they overcome magical problems in the kingdom of Greater Greensward. The author then released what I will refer to as book 5, although chronically it comes before the first 4: The Salamander Spell. This prequel tells the story of Emma's Aunt Grassina when she was a little girl. Next came books 6-8, of which A Prince Among Frogs is book 8. This spin off series takes place about 20 years after The Frog Princess and had Princess Millie, the daughter of Princess Emma, as it's main character. All I can say is, I really hope this is the last book in the series, because I feel this book was one to many.My biggest problem with this book was that I felt everything had already been wrapped up at the end of the previous book. This book saw the return of a villain from an earlier book, who decided to kidnap Millie's little brother Felix as revenge for what had been done to him. As I read this book, I felt I had already read it. The plot was repetitive, as it had already been done in the earlier books. But despite this, A Prince Among Frogs was charming. I loved the magic, the fun, and the adventure. I liked Millie, but I especially liked Audun, a dragon who, in the previous book, fell in love with Millie, changed into a human, and undertook a quest in order to be with Millie. His character feels realistic and he refuses to be overshadowed by Millie. He has the perfect balance of human and dragon characteristics. This series never lost it's charm. Even though I felt this book was unnecessary, it put a smile on my face. I plan on reading any other books this author writes... unless they're a continuation of this series, because this series needs to end. But I still enjoyed it from start to finish. Rating: 8/10Characters: 9/10Premise: 8/10Enjoyment: 9/10Plot: 5/10 Writing: 8/10 Reviewed by Kira M for TeensReadToo.comWith their wedding just around the corner, Millie and Audun have their hands full getting the castle ready for a celebration filled with dragons, humans, and people on both sides who don't like each other.When Millie's mother, father, great-aunt, and great-uncle all get called away on magical business, Millie, Audun, and her cousin, Francis, are left to take care of the kingdom and whatever other business comes up. When her little brother, Felix, is kidnapped while she's away taking care of other matters, Millie must find the power within herself to save her brother.The problem, however, is that she has no witch magic to speak of, her parents have gone missing from their original destination, and Olebald the wizard is bent on getting his revenge against her family and their kingdom. Can Millie save the day?A must-read for anyone who likes fantasy and has read the other books in THE TALES OF THE FROG PRINCESS series. The characters are well-developed and true to their natures. The story is filled with lots of adventure, action, and high stakes. The plot is gripping and holds the reader's interest.Those who like fantasy, magic, action, and adventure will all enjoy reading A PRINCE AMONG FROGS.
This was the last book in the series. I liked the series. It would be a great read for 6+ kids.
Haven't read this one yet, I'll see if they have it at the library!
It seemed slow at first but picked up in the last part of the book.
As the last book to the series I think it really summed it up
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