A Rainha Predileta (2012)
A Rainha Predileta (2012)
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This is not a great book or even a particularly good book. I like tudor fiction, but the first two thirds of the book are taken up with Henry's marriage to Catherine & his relationship with Anne Boleyn. All in all only the last few chapters deal with Henry's marriage to Jane. And that was rushed through as quickly as possible, which basically amounted to they married she had a baby, she died...the end. I borrowed this book and really..its an okay read if you don't want to think about what you are reading..but I wouldn't buy this author's books. I really wanted to like this book - I was interested to see where the author was going in giving Jane a voice and a backstory. However the fact that it clashed so much with the historical record so that there was no sense that it could have been plausible was incredibly off-putting. A lot of the drive is based on ideas that we just have to take on faith and that have little support in the text, for example we have no reason why Henry trusts Jane at all! Very disappointed with how it turned out and in the end, I had no sympathy for any of the characters as there was no real depth or consistency as to how they were written.
good, not great, interesting light read, written from the pov of Jane Seymour.
I really loved Jane's character in the book.Overall a great read.
An enjoyable book, but with too much fiction for my taste.
Written so well. Only took 3 days to read.
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