A Royal Experiment: The Private Life Of King George III (2014)
A Royal Experiment: The Private Life of King George III (2014)
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George III set out to break the dysfunctional cycle of family relations that had pitted father against son (particularly oldest son and heir) for four generations. He attempted to do so first by embracing his wife -- the chilly and cold Charlotte. This, in and of itself, was a bit of an innovation in the age of arranged marriages that often fell to adultery and icy relations. He also tried to instill a love of family ( and a love of each other) in all his small children. Unfortunately, as the author relays in her closing paragraphs, George fell succumbed to his family's genes and ended having terrible relations with his sons, and kept his daughters close by as a salve to his other disappointments. As such, these girls, who were taught to love, were largely selfishly relegated to being spinster nurse aids to their parents, while the boys applied their carefully honed sense of familial love to strings of mistresses rather than wives. At the end of a long reign, all George III had to show for all his cultivation of family was one legitimate grandchild -- out of 13 children. Sad, sad, sad. A fascinating social hosiery of the family of King George III. Hadlow makes use of diaries and letters to unveil the private lives of this 18th century family. She skillfully weaves in contemporary ideas about child rearinfpg, education, medicine and diet so that the reader is able to contextualize some of the bizarre (to 21st century eyes) actions of the various family members. I thought the author succeeded best in her portraits of the princesses who suffered most under the benign rule of their mentally deranged king father and submissive queen mother.
Excellently researched work but a bit on the long side. took me over two weeks to do it.
Most excellant! Thoroughly researched and engagingly written.
poor doomed family.
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