A Seaside Christmas (2013)
A Seaside Christmas (2013)
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0778315118 (ISBN13: 9780778315117)
Harlequin MIRA
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Quick and cute Christmas read in which forgiveness plays a big role. I really liked Caleb even though he had something quite stupid, but the way he tried to woo Jenny back was just really sweet. I didn't really like Jenny though, and the way she had made such a big deal out of her mom's second marriage and she refused to have come back for so many years because she didn't want to see her mom's happiness, as well as her interaction with her little half-brother. That said, the book reeled me in easily. I'm a bit behind in my reviews since my husband was in the hospital,so the start and end dates for reading the next 3 books,I'm not sure.But here goes! This was a wonderful Christmas story (and I haven't found a Christmas story I haven't liked).About a young woman who never felt like she belonged in her family and decided to leave and make her own way.She becomes a country music writer,and is quite successful at it.But when her boyfriend country singer does her wrong,she heads back to her hometown to help write songs for the home town theater.But guess who comes to town to win her back.It's a lovely story!
A cute Christmas story. Very good.
Enjoyed this book. Easy read.
A fun light hearted romance.
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