A Teoria De Tudo: A Extraordinária História De Jane E Stephen Hawking (2014)
A Teoria de Tudo: A Extraordinária História de Jane e Stephen Hawking (2014)
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I wanted to love this book. After seeing the wonderful movie I was hoping to find out more of the story behind Jane and Stephen Hawking's public persona. I was disappointed in both of them. She comes off as a whining and suffering from "poor me syndrome" and he sounds like an egotistical bastard. I also didn't care for her writing, which seemed pretentious and dull at times. I agree with others that I had no interest in her thesis topic or their friends personal lives. I understand that things must have been difficult for her but I wish she would have done something to change her situation. The thing that made me dislike her the most was her refusal to learn trach care. After attending to all of Stephen's most personal cares she acted like this was the worst thing possible to deal with--way beyond her. It makes me appreciate my patients' families even more--this is never a pleasant duty but they take it on. If you've read the book and feel the way I did I encourage you to see the movie anyway--it was a beautiful love story! Like a few other reviews have mentioned, it is best to see the movie the Theory of Everything and then read this book. I was curious to learn more about Jane Hawking, and she does her best to illustrate what life was like with Stephen Hawking. Personally, I skimmed this book and read the parts of interest. She was a woman who married young and did her best to stick to her values after marrying Stephen and having a family. This seems like it was a difficult book to write for her. She talks about all of the judgments people made about her and how difficult this had been. This book seemed like she is trying to explain everything that went on, when my sense is that a lot of it isn't about reason. She really is the main reason why Stephen hawking is alive today. She made courageous and difficult choices that are very admirable.
Betapa buku ini lebih dari sekedar menyentuh, mengharu-biru.
An absolutely fantastic read.
3.5 Stars
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