A Whole Nother Story (Whole Nother Story (2010)
A Whole Nother Story (Whole Nother Story (2010)
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1599905183 (ISBN13: 9781599905181)
Bloomsbury USA Childrens
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This is a highly entertaining and imaginative book. I read this to my 4th grader and she can't wait for me to grab the sequel! Government agents, international super spies, pirates, thieves,time machines, poetry slinging cowboy vagabonds,psychic dogs and sock puppets are all contained inside. Mr. Cheeseman and his family are on the run from everyone because he and his now dead wife built a time machine. Once he completes it, he hopes to go back in time to save his wife's life. But in the meantime, he has to keep it out of the hands of a lot of different bad guys and so he keeps moving locations with his three kids and his dog. This was a fun read aloud to the kids. There are great opportunities for different accents, funny scenarios, and a sock puppet named Steve that made the kids laugh out loud every time he spoke (incidentally, my voice for Steve sounded a lot like Pinocchio from Shrek...) the kids also liked the concept that the children in the book got to choose their own names every time they moved to a new city. When I asked them the names they would choose for themselves, I received the following answers:Ashlynn- Bella EllermanTy- Timmy Thompson Briggs- Hmmm. I don't know. Can I think about it?Book 1 of 3 so far, it's a great vocabulary builder.
This book was amazing! It is a great combination of action, family and comedy. A great story!
I loved this book. It was very funny and I just absolutely loved it!!!!!!!!!
The first book to make me actually laugh out loud in a long time.
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