A Younger Man (2012)
A Younger Man (2012)
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Really, really boring. The first fifty pages or so led me to believe that I was in for a thoughtful read. Then the book started spending page after page reiterating the same handful of reasons why the two men could not begin a relationship. The page padding was painful. Then when the two finally got together the book switched to endless, nearly identical sex scenes in which they would made sappy declarations of mutual admiration that made me laugh out loud more than once. I kept waiting for something interesting to happen, but instead I was treated to detailed description of one character cleaning up another's vomit - more than once.Noah, the older man, recently out of the closet was well-fleshed out. I did get tired of him trying to explain how he could be gay but still have a satisfactory sex life with his wife. The more he tried to justify divorcing his wife because he fell for another man, the more he sounded like a bi-sexual guy who had a mid-life crisis. It is hardly surprising that sex with a new, hot young person is going to be a heck of a lot more exciting that sex with the person you've known since your were 12.Zane, the younger guy, seemed like a back-story in need of a personality. The whole, I'm straight because I kissed two girls when I was 14 but have never ever thought about sex with anyone since then was silly. His younger siblings were just props meant to show that he was far more mature than his years. Too bad he came across as way younger that his biological age. It didn't help that we never got to see him interacting with the siblings he had sacrificed everything in order to care for them. Instead they were nearly always somewhere else or when they were in the vicinity were silent observers, unlike actual children. While I wouldn't actually call this a May/December romance, maybe a May/October, I do like the dynamic of the older man and the younger man who has had to deal with so much responsibility he is older than his years.Noah recently came out to his wife and started divorce proceedings so they could both be free to find actual happiness. Wonderfully, they managed to remain actual friends and not just for the sake of their sons, but because they do actually care for each other. So that's great, but Noah isn't having any much on the dating front. Noah is not a clubbing, get off in the bathroom with a random man sort of guy. He's monogamous and commitment-centric. A few of his dates have gone ok, but something just isn't there for him.Zane is a young man in his mid-20's that has been handed way too much responsibility. He wouldn't have it any other way, though, and he will do nearly anything to keep his aunt from taking his brother and sister from him. He is young, though, and hasn't always had the luxury of having good choices to make. Combine that with getting laid off from one job when the business folded and you have a recipe for homelessness.In fact, that is exactly what Noah rescues Zane from. Noah sees someone that needs help and doesn't think twice about offering it. As they get to know one another, their attraction to one another gets stronger. Zane didn't actually know he was gay. He has had exactly zero free time to explore anything sexual since he was a young teen. So he hasn't really thought about sex at all. But when Noah comes along, Zane is suddenly not only thinking about sex -- but he is thinking about sex with Noah. Steamy!Watching Noah and Zane circle each other was fun. They both wanted so much, but they also had their reasons why they thought it was a bad idea. Zane was convinced that if his aunt found out he was gay, that she could take the kids and Noah was stuck in the 'he's too young for me' place. Let me tell you, though, when they do finally break, Oh. My. Word. is it hot. Zane has a really good imagination, it turns out and when he is comfortable, he is mighty creative. Holy Mackerel, playing with your food never sounded so fun.So, yeah, I loved this book. Even more than the previous one.
3.5 stars. It dragged a lot and it was super cheesy but the characters are likable. :-)
Adoré !Seule l'histoire de la carotte m'a laissé un peu... perplexe ;)
This is the most lovely love story that I read recently.
I'm hoping there is more in this series.
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