Abigail (2010)
Abigail (2010)
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0800733215 (ISBN13: 9780800733216)
Fleming H. Revell Company
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Fantastic second instalment to the Kings of David series... this time centred on Abigail. Michal gave a good background of David and Saul, whereas in Abigail we read about how she ends up getting married to the mean Nabal. Abigail tried so hard to be ok with the multiple wives when she ended up with David. I felt for her too.Now I just have to finish 2 Samuel to see how much of this story was actually in the bible. Abigail was the 3rd of David's wives. Although this is a fictional story it is based on pieces of the Bible (scripture quotes and even the use of "Yaweh"). Her stories show that even those who are faithful servants of Our Lord can become disillusioned at times, even suffering the same weaknesses of those who do not follow the teachings of Our Lord.At the conclusion of this book David had seven (7) wives and he was beginning to see that it was way too many.
I loved this book! It put light on a little known character, who became one of my favorites quickly!
King David's first wife. Interesting handling of the subject.
Loved it!
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