Accidental Alpha (2013)
Accidental Alpha (2013)
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Wilde City Press
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For a shifter fan like myself, Poppy Dennison's books are a gift. I love that I can rely on them to deliver a fun, feel-good read, without the genre's usual depressing rehash of stock characters and plotlines. I wouldn't call this an ambitious book, but it features likable characters and small but telling innovations on the familiar tropes. Most notable here is the emphasis on forming a "pack," and the Alpha's role in cementing the bonds between the members. A lot more page time is spent on those relationships than the usual "claiming" insta-lust stuff. Even the sleeping arrangements clue us in: we see Lex spend several nights curled up with the entire pack before he ever gets it on with his mate. It's a nice, original touch that shows the care Dennison puts into telling her good-natured tales. Definitely recommended for those who want a fresh, feel-good shifter tale. This is a light fun shifter read that sets things up for future stories. Lex is a retired cop, following a severe on the job injury. He’s moved out to the country and just wants to be alone, although his nearest neighbor, who seems to have a ton of relatives/friends over all the time annoys him to no end. However when the toddler shows up on his deck, he proceeds to return him to his family when the little guy takes a bite out of him, leaving Lex waking up the alpha of a werewolf pack of misfits.He’s instantly attracted to his neighbor Spencer and nearly takes him against his will, which freaks them both out and the story goes through Lex learning about what a werewolf packs is and what his role is and getting to know the characters.What I particularly found appealing was the puppy pile concept. After they shift, they all end up sleeping together cuddled up for comfort. The one scene where he is in bed with Spencer but then Nathan is frightened in the night and comes into bed with them, and then Ruby joins them, and then the next morning another one hops in and it’s not sexual, it’s just everyone cuddling together and taking comfort. I found that very appealing. Not sure why, but it workedIt was definitely a fun read if you like shifters and I’m looking forward to learning more about Spencer and especially Nathan. I do have a thing for the “runt” of the litter who’s damaged in some way.
awesome!! i need more
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