Accompanied By A Waltz (2011)
Accompanied by a Waltz (2011)
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1615817980 (ISBN13: 9781615817986)
Dreamspinner Press
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Not bad, but boring.I enjoyed the beginning, when Johnathon's partner is still alive. He doesn't have nearly as much chemistry with his new boyfriend. He is kind of bland. The author did a good job at introducing Vienna. Natives will notice inaccuracies, but otherwise Grey should be safe. The visits to various tourist hotspots are a bit chliche, but since Johnathon is a tourist himself, it didn't bother me too much. ** 4.5 stars **A very sweet romance, but one that I loved nonetheless. Many might think it too sweet, but I loved the characters and I particularly love stories about men finding love later in life, or finding love a second time around. The best thing about the novel, besides the characterizations, which Andrew Grey always writes exceptionally well, is Greg, Jonathon's lover who dies and sets up the scenario for this novel. His death was dealt with in a way that made his character real instead of an effigy to represent loss and pain. Even after his death he remains a character in how important he is to Jonathon. The first few chapters were even solely devoted to him and the end of his life. I appreciated that, and it set up the novel to be a winner. This is definitely one of my favorite Andrew Grey novels.
This was a good book, but for some reason it wasn't as good as the farm series (Love Means...).
Lost and found love, a beautiful "dual" love story by Mr. Grey, keep your Kleenex close.
3.5Sweet story that captures a man's two loves in his life.
3.5 stars
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