Against The Country: A Novel (2000)
Against the Country: A Novel (2000)
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1400062691 (ISBN13: 9781400062690)
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Fun, but I couldn't quite get into it and did not fully finish. The book is described as a “gift for fans of Southern Gothic and metafiction” but for me it didn't live up to that claim -- perhaps it is just too self-aware about what it wanted to be. Angry, biting satire can be a great thing, but has to be earned. This fell sort of that mark, unfortunately, though it's enough to keep me looking out for what his next publication is. I forced myself to finish reading this book but now regret that time I will never have back. I kept thinking some thing funny or interesting was going to happen. Well not this page or this chapter or finally not at all. I am glad to see others have had this same reaction. I had begun to think this was some wonderful new approach to the writing of the novel I just was too unsophisticated to understand.
This book read a lot like a child's diary. It was hard for me to get into.
I read it and wondered upon finishing it, why all the hype?
I've never quit a book so fast.
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