Alchemy And Meggy Swann (2010)
Alchemy and Meggy Swann (2010)
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0547231849 (ISBN13: 9780547231846)
Clarion Books
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I really enjoyed Cushman's Midwife's Apprentice, but I just hadn't put her on my "list" of children's authors I read. But when I was looking for books that I could put on my Kindle for a vacation, I remembered this author. This book doesn't live up to her Newbery winning book, but it is good and the main character is very relatable and sympathetic. I'm so conditioned for story lines from books that involve this time period to think that "oh no, something really terrible is going to happen to this girl," but nothing super awful does. So it's safe for kids. We enjoyed this as much as The Midwife's Apprentice, by the same author, even though this girl's companion is a goose instead of a cat! I was kind of surprised that other reviews talk about how morose and "whiny" Meggy is. She's crippled, her mother doesn't want her, now her father doesn't want her either, she's in a new, huge city, she has no friends, no money, she's called names by strangers, and she's nearly molested in a back alley on one of her first days. I think she's just having a natural response to her situation. I didn't get the sense that many people who read the book had much empathy for her plight. She's no Polly Anna, but then I always found Polly Anna unrealistic and insufferable.
A dismal version of The Gathering Blue meets Where The Mountain Meets the Moon.
Very sweet story. Enjoyed the history and character development.
Historical fiction at it's best.
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