All He Wants (2013)
All He Wants (2013)
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At first I thought the book was slow but wow did it move. I can't wait for the next one. Dominic Knight and Katherine Hart have a business relationship that started because Dominic won't take no for an answer. He is a powerful millionaire that money is everything. He gets what he wants as nd what he wants is Katherine but she is so not his norm that she doesn't want what he has. Money isn't everything nor is anything pricy.I can't wait for all he needs. I will be rereading this book for sure. Loved the story . The ending is a cliffhanger and i'm glad i waited until the other 2 books were out in the series to read it again. Kate is sweet, innocent IT specialist with a fiery temper when she needs it. Dominic is a Buisnessman/Playboy -Dom who gets what he wants , and he wants to play with Kate. Their relationship has it's ups, and their ups are soooo Appealing, but what goes up must eventually come down, and boy do they fall hard.I was just as heartbroken as Kate was in the ending .Even though they sort of both called it quits.I have a feeling if Dominic stuck it out , she would have caved and become putty in his hands.Lets see what book #2 holds for this Adventurous couple.
I liked the dialogue between the charachters. Liked book 1 and 2 much better than 3
This book was bit much .... But I'm too far in hole to not read the next one
Main male character is annoying.
Loved this book! ❤️
3.5 stars
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