All I Want For Christmas Is A Werewolf (2012)
All I Want For Christmas is a Werewolf (2012)
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Novella. It really was a very quick read, it took me less than 30 minutes to finish it, so there wasn't TIME for story development.Faith is writing her thesis on bears in Alaska when she is wooed and then screwed by a guy posing as a fellow researcher. Turns out he targeted her, stole all her research and thesis paper and then stole the job she was after when she completed her PhD. This STILL makes me mad, just writing that. And for some reason she NEVER backed up any of her work and has no way of proving it was all her research (WHAT?!) her plan is to study some other large mammal and START OVER. So, so peeved. That whole story line made me want to hit someone.Then she bumps into Gavin at a Black Friday sale when she is trying to get a new computer (to restart her research). Gavin is a Changeling (he changes into a giant timber wolf) and he recognizes her as his mate right away. She takes off, he follows her and then handily takes her home after he grabs her, she panics and faints. He decides to just get it out in the open and tells her what he is, she thinks he's crazy and then he changes in front of her. She believes him.He has some serious hang-ups about mating and despite craving her presence and keeping her with him 24/7 he won't bond with her. Until he does. HE HATES CHRISTMASGavin Lancaster is a millionaire, a changeling wolf as are his two brothers. Unlike them he is not mated, twenty years ago he thought he had found his mate, but when she discovered his secret she was disgusted. He intends never to go through that again.It's nearly Christmas he hates it. One of his brothers mates has conned him into going to get a laptop, a Black Friday deal. It's while in the store he is overwhelmed by the scent of a woman.Faith Prescott is trying to grab the last laptop from the shelf, but a tall blond guy with startling blue eyes beats her to it. There's something about him that draws her, she feels a sudden need to get closer to him. Frightened by these strange feelings she runs from the store. But Gavin has followed her. Literally fainting with fear, Gavin transports them both back to his home.Having read a trilogy by this author before, I had high expectations. Especially regarding her love scenes, she's really good at them. I have to say that she did not disapoint. This is a good short story, there is an awful lot of detail packed in. I felt this really had the potential to be a full length novel. In fact I am hoping this author will perhaps consider writing one.
Not enough erotica and for me the heroin accept everything really easily But good short story ;)
I really enjoyed this story can't wait to read the others in this series.
Fun quick read.
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