All I Want (2012)
All I Want (2012)
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If you are anything like me you enjoy a sweet Christmas romance this time of year. Each of the short stories in All I Want really hit the spot. Each story is filled with hope, even though All I Want is compiled of three short stories, each one felt complete. Pretty Near Perfect:Pretty Near Perfect is a reflection on how much life can change from one Christmas to the next. I enjoyed PNP because Norah (the main character) shows so much strength. Christmas is an emotional time of year, add in a grieving heart and it can make it that much harder. Even though PNP dealt with with grieving it never felt heavy and I was rooting for the romance that began. Six Days of Christmas:Six Days of Christmas may be my favorite in All I Want. SDoC is the classic tale of thinking you know exactly what you want in life, then coming to the realization that you can be happy with something different that is right in front of you. So much fun to read!Twist of Fate:Twist of Fate had me wondering how far I would go to change a friendship into something more if I really wanted it. Y’all know I enjoy well written humor. Rachael Anderson’s humor is spot on, I read ToF with a smile on my face and will be looking for more of her work.Overall I think All I Want is three Christmas stories that anyone can enjoy especially this time of year. Go pick it up and enjoy.Happy Reading,Rebecca I have been reading many short stories lately. They haven't always been my favorite thing to read in the past, but they have slowly been winning me over. I was excited to read these three stories because they were written by authors whose work I have loved in the past. I knew before I started reading All I Want, that each of these writers knew how to write a good romance. It turns out that I was absolutely spot on in my thinking! Even though these were short stories, none of them felt rushed or incomplete. They all had a little conflict, a few broken hearts from the past, but were full of flirting, and sweet romance. My main thought was that I didn't want any of the stories to end. I also wished that each story could go on and on. Another point to make is that each story felt realistic. I never felt like the situations the characters found themselves in were contrived. I tried to pick which story I liked the most, but it was too hard. There were aspects of each story that I really loved. I could fall in love with any of the leading male characters: Collin, Jimmy or Ty. Congratulations to Jolene, Kaylee, and Rachael for writing Christmas Romances that will entertain you and make your heart flutter. If you are looking for a little romance this Christmas, all you need is All I Want: Three Stories. Three Couples. One Holiday.
These were fun short stories! It was great since they were free to borrow with Amazon Prime.
Three romance stories with "happily ever after" endings make a great holiday read.
I love a good romance and these didn't disappoint me. Loved all three!
Giving this one 4 stars because of Ty and Kenzie. :)
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