All She Wanted (2013)
All She Wanted (2013)
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Four and a Half Stars! All She Wanted, is a beautiful, touching and sweeping story that encompasses so much more than entertaining. This novel will touch your heart. Deese did a wonderful job of not only creating real and heartfelt characters, but ones whose story reaches out to you on several different levels. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing not only friendship but a lot more bloom in Charlie and Briggs relationship. Their interactions and feelings seem very real and easy to relate to. There is a deeper message woven into this novel, that is so sweet and touching, and not at all preachy. I just finished this novel and I just keep thinking - wow, that was so good! It left me feeling happy and encouraged. Really this is a wonderful novel! And it is the first novel I have read by Nicole Deese. However, it is part of a series (Letting Go) and the second book in the series. I have to say this is also the first time I have NOT read a series in order. Still, as touted, you do not have to read these in order, they are good as a stand alone novel. Still, I will eventually go back and read Book 1, but for now Book 3 is calling my name (wink)! This book is a must read for every person entering a dating relationship. The honor demonstrated by Briggs - my new favorite book character - is, in a word, Outstanding.Again, the author's ability to craft a real to life story, with real believable characters dealing with life choices is a joy to read.The heartbreak is so real and the emotion is so tangible, I laughed out loud half a dozen times at Briggs and Charlie's banter, and I cried as Charlie tried to process her emotions as he made the hard choice to keep his distance until exactly the right moment. Another sweet, contemporary romance that is squeaky clean enough for the 13+ crowd, and a enough meat to keep us 'elder' folks interested as well.This one won't disappoint. 5 big stars!
I cried, I got mad, and I fell in love with their story. Amazing!
This is an example of persistent long-suffering love. Well done
Very engaging well written story Loved it!
4.5 Stars!
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