All Summer Long (2012)
All Summer Long (2012)
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Loved it from the start to finish. Real life lessons learned. How to make changes in life for the better. Make the best of a bad situation... forgiveness and tolerance and acceptance to move.This book makes me want to read the next one in the series... and the same time didn't want it to end. Enjoyed getting to know everyone more.Clay should have trusted his gut !... but hey not everyone does and learns from. one just never knows.Charlie's awesome... and had issues to overcome and she did with some help. Great help I may add. ... & that help enjoyed helping !Dominique whew.... quite the lady . She was mentioned in A Fool's Gold Christmas too... and see now how she ended up in Fool's Gold... Perfect I say... glad actually how things worked out.I read skipped ahead and met Evie in A Fool's Gold Christmas... I got to know her better and about her beginnings and her relationship and interactions with her family. ... in particular with her mother May.Loved this whole story and recommend it as definitely a Goodread .enjoy it ... I did. Bought this book last year as a "beach read," and just got in under the wire, this year.Charlie (Chantal) is not your average heroine. She's tall (5'10"), strongly built, NOT conventionally pretty or girlie, and still more than a little traumatized by her college rape, some years back.Clay Stryker is a widower who loved his wife very much. He's close to most of his family, who now live in Fool's Gold, California (this is part of a continuing series, but works well as a stand-alone), and a former underwear model, which, though it has padded his bank account, has also hindered his acceptance as just another guy in this small community.I like the reversal here where the GUY is being judged as superficial, since he's a "pretty boy" and not taken seriously because of his looks. Love that Charlie is a kick-ass firefighter who is excellent at her job.There are threads of other romances worked in here, but skillfully, so they don't take over too much page space. Also loved the dynamic between Charlie and her dainty, ballerina mother who's come to the town in hopes of rebuilding their relationship, but makes one false start after another.The rising sexual tension between Clay and Charlie works, and the consummation scene(s) are hot. Very enjoyable book I breezed through in one weekend.
Thought this book was really good.
estrelas: 3.5/5
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