Almost (2000)
Almost (2000)
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This book blew my mind away, made me cry, made me laugh and just basically made me love. There were times in this book where my heart hurt, I would cry but laugh at the same time. The secrets between Gray and Jess about they're shared past just broke my heart. The fact that Gray can remember and Jess can't because of the date rape drug (yes, it's about that untold, very real, damaging crime) broke my heart even more for Gray having to keep this secret while getting to know Jess and not being able to tell her because of a promise. Read this book and you'll see what I mean. Don't blame Gray because of the secret he's kept all this time but blame the person who did the crime. I love everything about this book and is recommended I did enjoy the most of the book. Although covering a difficult topic, it was a light and simple read. A predictable, simple storyline, two lovely characters facing normal teenage drama and falling in love. As I was in the mood for a light chick lit, this book was just a right choice. Or at least I thought so.When the book started getting closer to an end, I found many things very annoying and unrealistic. First, the realisation of the characters being in love. It happened just after they started dating, without really getting to know each other, both at the same time, and they suddenly couldn't live without each other. But it wasn't the worst part. All the characters and their reactions seemed very unrealistic. The whole scene of finding out the truth about Grey's involvement in Jess's almost rape just seemed too dramatic and also not dramatic at all. For three years a girl has been having major problems with dealing with the traumatic experience, and a sudden memory and a bit of crying just fix it over night? The whole forgiveness thing was just way too soon. I get that a kid did not do anything wrong, but he has been a part of Jess's most traumatic experience. That takes some time to get over. Second, she states that it was a normal reaction of his part, not to stay with her as he did not know her, nevertheless in the next chapter Grey claims he has been in love with the girl since freshman year. Sorry, but I don't buy it. The making-up part was too sudden, they did not talk at all, it was all business and then suddenly it's true love. Just no.Moreover, another very annoying thing was flawless characters. Not awesome, far from it, they just did not seem to have flaws. The author tried to make them seem like they had, but the insane hotness of main characters and their perfect personalities, the ability of every other character redeem themselves at the same time was just unrealistic. After all the lying jess's parents are just ok with everything and she can suddenly go to college. Oh and coach is not bad as well. And Grey's friends are know Jess's best friends as well. And they are in love too. And they do not find the whole contract thing weird. And Jess and Grey's boss finds them perfect employees and guarantees a future for both of them. And unicorns exist! Not the best quality storytelling. Another thing that I just hated in this book was texting. Those stupid gibberish text just made want to punch somebody in the face. Later they were quite funny as Jess just took it too far, but does the portrayal of a teenager has to involve the inability to find time to write full words instead of thinking they are too cool for that?After all my ranting I am quite surprised that I still have the book 3 stars. The characters were unrealistic, the rape issue was not handled well, there was no gradual healing process, it just happened over night. However, I did enjoy reading most of the book. It was light, fun, cute at times. Until it made me vomit a bit. Still taking into consideration that I could not put the book down until the end when it jut made me roll my eyes a lot, I am not disappointed that I read it and I will leave my 3 star rating.
An okay one time read. Not brilliant but not terrible.
loved loved loved this book!!!!
3.5 stars
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