Almost Single Almost Single Almost Single (2009)
Almost Single Almost Single Almost Single (2009)
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Almost Single, a good morale booster initially for 'almost single' chicks, u get the drift? ;) As you turn pages the story weaves around 3 bff's and their 2 gay friends Ric and Nic. Of the three, Anushka being a divorcee happens to be the most sensible one helping out the other two with their perfect makeovers and being a shoulder to cry on during their lows ('Ugh! the guy was so not my type' phases). The second one, Misha, oh I can so totally relate to her, coz she too is vertically challenged like me and suffers from the 'high-heels-complete-the-look' syndrome. :P The book clearly depicts the dilemma of 29 year olds who are yet to get hitched. Forget getting hooked, yet to get their hands on their gold-diggers. They try all the tricks of the trade to hunt for their prey, starting from online shopping for spouse on to fix ups at the pubs. The occasional glimpses of typical 'Dilli ki ladki' wisdom coupled with well timed hints of humour successfully earn a few brownie points for the book. Now coming to the last bit, why i said a morale booster, 'initially', in the first place. Like all other bollywood flicks even this one has a happy ending. So all the 'almost singles' who were pumping with joy while reading the book and feeling all good about themselves get hit by the reality, in their face when Aisha, the protagonist, the ugly, large framed, 29 year old, finally gets hitched with an Amrika return, sophisticated, drop dead gorgeous, millionaire. Don't tell me you didn't see this coming. Hah! All in all, a desi version of Sex and the city, except the city isn't New York but New Delhi, and the lustful, fun filled escapades of three dilli chicks makes 'Almost Single' a fun read. This book is a complete hilarious with loads of fun factor. I found myself continuously giggling, every time I picked it up - in metro, bus, home, - or put it down - while working, talking, bathing, eating, and all! The book is complete fiction (as the author says in an interview) still closest to Delhi's uppar-middle class life style. The best parts are the emotional and societal events in a 29 year old single, surviving alone, pressured with a high profile, higher expectant job title, with a few traces of thoughts asking her to quit her job, yet carrying on with it.The book makes you believe in real life, that there will never be a perfect day, time, situation, people, and the situations that happen with everyone, and teaches you to take life easy.My penultimate recommendation for every girl, who is/was a single ever.
fantastic sense of humour!! a chick lit that will light up your mood!
A Cute Book For All The Single Ladies Out There
Cliches overdone!
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