Amor En Llamas (2013)
Amor en llamas (2013)
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This book went on and on and on, for me. It took so long to get to anything good happening in the story that by the time I finished it I couldn't WAIT to be done reading. It wasn't bad. It was just to wordy. And for being such a wordy book, I had trouble accepting the ending. The 'bad guy' was predictable (WAY to early in the story). And the twists at the end, probably due to my exasperation, were just dull and obvious. I've thought about continuing this series. But the more I consider it, I would just end up pissed and probably give up. Too many other books to read, not enough time in the day. Came across this book a while ago. Because it is a historical romance I kept putting it on the back burner! WHY???A great twist on the old ' Beauty & Beast theme.It is well written without being overly old fashioned. Not a lot of mention of 'heaving bosoms' 'swooning' and 'the vapours'!!! Just enough to keep reminding you that it is set in the 1800'sThe hero is tormented and the heroine is strong yet feminine enough. The Paranormal aspect was enough to keep me interested. While I figured out the 'baddy' rather quickly, there was still enough element to question myself every now and then.I really enjoyed this read,so much so I'm going to read more.
As much as I enjoyed this book I had a few issues with it too - review coming soon
Good book, it was not big on details but I enjoyed the story and suspension.
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