An Introduction To Pleasure (2012)
An Introduction to Pleasure (2012)
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1619211262 (ISBN13: 9781619211261)
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
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There is just something about a Jess Michaels Regency historical that makes my lady bits get all tingly. I love that they are a bit more on the erotic side but not too over the top. Poor Lysandra Keates has found herself in a huge financial bind. Her father passed away leaving she and her mother destitute and her job as a maid to a nobleman comes to an end when he tries to get her to do more than the dusting. She decides her last chance is to go to Vivien Manning and see if she can be set up with a protector. Vivien takes pity on her and sets her up with a widower as a trainer to be a mistress. Andrew Callis has been practically a recluse since the death of his wife three years ago. He is not really interested in training Lysandra but when he sees her he decides to help out.The story line flows well and the chemistry between these two characters is hot and sweet at the same time.I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the book. The book was okay enough to finish it and enjoy the story up to a certain point. The problems I had with it were the things that didn't add up.I did not understand the guilt the hero felt regarding the tragedy in his life. I don't think what happened warranted that. It spoiled a bit of the story for me.Then the fact that she was from a lower class and his misstress. When he marries her, it should have been clear what the repercussions to him and them would be. I would have understood if he choose love over a life in the ton and perhaps even acceptance from his dad. But now everything and everyone is assumed to accept the match.Also the heroines behavior was a tad annoying. You either accept your decision to be a misstress and do your best, or you don't and go find another solution. No way someone like the misstress matchmaker would have taken an innocent like the h under her wings. I would have expected more fire from the heroine in achieving her 'goal' to make sure she and her mother would survive. It's life and death, isn't it?
I just love Jess Michaels. I can't wait to read the next book in this series.
Sexy & sweet, wished the book had a better ending though.
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4.5 Stars - Loved it!!
un solide 3.5 ! :)
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