An Object Of Beauty (2010)
An Object of Beauty (2010)
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0446573647 (ISBN13: 9780446573641)
Grand Central Publishing
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I really wanted to like this book as I believe Mr. Martin does have writing talent. Unfortunately this novel should have been condensed into a quicker, shorter version - along the lines of Shopgirl - to give it more pace an hold the readers' attention. Like others have written, the descriptions of the individual works of art, along with the images shown in the book, are interesting. Unfortunately Lacey, the main character seems two dimensional - like an unknown woman written about by a man who doesn't really have any insight into her or any understanding of who she really is or why she is that way. Getting back into the world of art history, now that those college days are a bit far in the past, through this novel was interesting. But unfortunately the story was dragging with no real connection to the characters who were no more than images of people themselves. What keeps me from giving this a four is that I dislike Lacey, but that is the point so that makes me want to give it a four. I can not help but see Nick Carraway in Daniel French and Jay Gatsby in Lacey. I suspect that is on purpose. I have the same issues with Nick that I have with Daniel. The reliable narrator is almost more infuriating than the unreliable one. At least the unreliable narrator is a mess and we know that. Daniel gives such an honest view of everything, that I dislike him for his inaction. Lacey never pretends to be something she isn't except for all the time, which makes her likeable and despicable. I have never read Steve Martin's novels. The movies he has written are often great so it is no surprise that he is such a great writer. I might come back and give it a four, but for now, 3.5. Campbell Scott read the audio. That makes the book a whole other thing, that is pretty good too.
I kept waiting for this book to start, for the sort to pick up and it never really did...
I liked how he added the photos are the art into the book for a visual.
Learned about the art world, but the plot filled me with anxiety.
Steve Martin = wonderful
A truly beautiful book.
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