And After (2000)
And After (2000)
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I kind of enjoyed this book, although Cassie is becoming seriously annoying. What really ruined it, was how the author had spend the previous book building up a certain character, and then killing that character off. In fact, several characters, most of them very likeable, cease to exist. I was actually rather encouraged by how the author pulled characters back to life from the brink in the first book. In this one she decided to make up for that.Cassie is whiny and selfish. Someone should just shove her out of the gate already. In my review of "Until The End Of The World #1", my only complaint was that Sarah Lyons Fleming was a bit careful not to kill off any of her main cast... even though it would have lifted her story.*SPOILER*I hope my review wasn't what made her kill off the majority of the cast of characters. Even I think she went a bit too far in her endeavour to clear the world of people. Most Safe Zones, and most of her friends are just slaughtered through accidents, mishaps and general stupidity and carefulness. At times it can get a bit too "tv-drama", when stupid decisions and bad leadership in trying times kill off people we have come to love through these books. But the underlying story and the depth of the characters still make this one of the best "end of the world" series out there. Can't wait for the next, and at the same time I'm afraid to read it - as I'm scared she'll kill off even more people I like...
Winter can't get here fast enough...I WANT THE NEXT BOOK!!!!
Great read, much grittier than the first book.
Loved it!
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